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    Marketing takes a day to learn..good luck.


  2. Beyond Facebook: 5 Ways To Monetize Private Networks - Forbes


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    Guest post written by Richard Davis Richard Davis is CEO of Avectra, a provider of membership management software. Richard Davis: Friend your peers. Social networking is no longer just for personal connections.

  3. 45 Examples of Great Typography in Package Designs


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    For a package design to be successful one of the qualities that it should possess is being catchy and attractive. How to come up with such a level craftsmanship of course, entails observance of the best practices followed by design professionals.
  5. Marketing & Innovation..making a profit is also not a bad idea.

  7. Quotes we love @ Thinking Giant

  8. Marketing takes a day to learn..good luck.

  9. Tomorrow is the mythical land where 99% of human productivity, motivation and achievement are stored

  10. Dreaming only works if you do to!

  11. 3 million dollars inside bulletproof glass at a bus stop, as an advertisement by 3M, which produces the bulletproof glass. Believe in your own product.

  12. Live for Today

  13. Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

  14. This infographic explores how 12 business leaders worked their way to the top of the game

  15. Less than half of Facebook users say they use the platform to get news updates